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Do you need a competitive grant proposal written and submitted to a funder?

Is your Great American Novel begging for a good revision?

Have you doused that uninspired training manual with magic dust and/or gasoline?

Is your corporate vision lacking strategic vision?

If so, you can finally breathe a giant sigh of relief.

And So It Was Written has the answers to your writing woes!

And So It Was Written is a full-service writing agency where imaginative storytellers spin your rough ideas into polished pieces of communication.

We deliver professional yet affordable writing services that fit within your budget.

Documents proofed, revised, and/or created through And So It Was Written convey a fresh and engaging tone, expertise in the client’s industry, and an easy command of the English language.

Our professional writers specialize in, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Nonprofit – i.e. grant matching, grant proposal, 1023 (501 c3 exempt status) application, development plan, content marketing for blogs and social media, sponsorship package, web copy, and strategic plan
  • Fiction/Nonfiction – i.e. story analysis, query letter, story development, revision, ghostwriting, author’s platform, and e-publication
  • Corporate – i.e. press release, marketing strategy, training manual, content marketing for blogs and social media, white paper, web copy, and corporate strategic plan
  • Academic – i.e. critique, revision, curriculum, funding proposal, college entrance essay, and e-publication

Pricing is affordable and very competitive.  Based on your project, we will provide you with both an hourly rate and flat quote so you can choose which one will work better for your budget.

If you need a document written ASAP, fill out the floating form below.  We have yet to meet an idea we didn’t like.

Still unsure of what it is you need?  Click on the links below to learn more about the writing services we offer.

For general inquiries, you can also visit our Contact Us page.

We look forward to serving you.

And So It Was Written. . .If You Can THINK It, We Can WRITE It!


Affordable Writing Services


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