Real Life Should Read Better Than Fiction

The best nonprofit mission statements in action are impossible to forget.

In cities and towns all over the world, nonprofit organizations provide vital services to those in need.

Food banks feed the hungry.

After-school art classes keep youth off the streets and out of trouble.

Prenatal workshops protect pregnant teens and their unborn children.

Exercise classes invigorate the bodies and spirits of mature students.

The list of good works performed by nonprofits is endless.  However, good works alone will not keep an organization afloat.

A nonprofit needs money.

With competition for grants and corporate contributions more intense than ever before, a nonprofit has to ensure that its request for funding is as moving and impressive as the services it provides to the community.

Let us tell your story.

And So It Was Written identifies funding sources and creates a development plan for your nonprofit.  Our storytellers then craft a grant proposal package that dramatically conveys the following:

  • Mission
  • History
  • Qualifications
  • Need
  • Methods
  • Outcomes
  • System of Evaluation
  • The Get
  • Financial Responsibility and Sustainability
  • Strategic Plan
  • Work Samples

Since the funding process is somewhat subjective, And So It Was Written cannot guarantee that your organization will be awarded every grant and corporate sponsorship it seeks.

We can guarantee that strong, well-written proposals coupled with strong, well-structured organizations are better positioned to compete and win grant and sponsorship dollars.

A desire to serve the community is a good thing.

Securing the monies needed to sustain your mission of service is even better.

Contact us.  Your story awaits.

And So It Was Written. . .If You Can THINK It, We Can WRITE It!

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  1. sponsor? That may create too much prsesure on the sponsor in a meeting, but at least the conversation is all up front.Would the org be ok with the sponsor giving them more $ but directing it to another org through them for this program? The org has to decide which is a bigger risk. It sounds like the partnerships may be the best thing to hold on to, given it would help with mission. Not that money is easy to lose, but I think they have to choose mission.All that being said with the disclaimer that I don’t know any of the politics or how much money we are talking about. Answer may be different if it was $1mill vs. $10k.

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