Fiction and Nonfiction

The Tale of the Silent Partner

Character arc.  Pacing.  Audience.

You know all this stuff.

You can quote Burroway’s Writing Fiction, Zinsser’s On Writing Well, Field’s Screenplay, and Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces in your sleep.

And yet, you just can’t seem to get the story out of your head and onto the page.

Sounds like Writer’s Block and its ugly cousin Procrastination have moved in and taken over your creative space.

What’s a stagnant and distracted writer to do?

That’s easy.  Summon And So It Was Written!

Serving as your writing partner, And So It Was Written will barrel through creative barriers and get your story told.

Whether you need a little one-on-one coaching or a full-fledged ghostwriter, And So It Was Written has the perfect scribe to complement your style, voice, and vision.

Don’t you think it’s time to get rid of those unwanted guests?

We do.  Contact And So It Was Written.

We’ll evict writer’s block and procrastination before crafting a dazzling tale – be it fiction or real life – worthy of critical acclaim.

You’ve conjured the muse.  Let’s write. 

And So It Was Written. . .If You Can THINK It, We Can WRITE It!

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  1. Hi I love this blog about home . and your quote or just a feeling of seinerty in a favorite color that leaves the floor open for the subject to be raised to a metaphysical level for examination. I love it when thoughts transform from material to something more spiritual.Thank you so much,

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