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The verdict is in.  Corporate writing has been convicted of being unimaginative.

When asked why and how this happened, no one seems to know.

Corporate writing’s So What? attitude seems to have come out of nowhere.

The consensus is that corporate writing had so much potential!  It didn’t need to be sentenced to a life of bland, boring, and blah.

Oh well.

Some may think nothing can be done now.  We might as well cancel Christmas, call off the search party, and stop waiting for the fat lady to sing.


Not so fast!

And So It Was Written believes in rehabilitation.

When our imaginative scribes are free to conjure ideas in our online writing lab, corporate writing functions in a professional, creative, and energetic manner.

In other words, And So It Was Written takes the So What? out of your press releases, strategic plans, charitable giving campaigns, and other promotional materials and replaces it with That’s What I’m Talking About! in a professionally creative manner.

When it comes to uninspired corporate writing, our method of rehabilitation works.

And So It Was Written overturns a conviction of unimaginative and sets your corporate documents free with a new lease on life.

Call us. Let’s get creative. Professionally.

And So It Was Written. . .If You Can THINK It, We Can WRITE It!

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  1. Dear Anna..congratulations what a spectacular wesibte and life achievement. Doing what you love and finding wellness is a gift to yourself and everyone you assist. At 58 I climb mountains, canoe wild rivers with my family and whenever I am out there my body performs well in whatever I ask it/me to do, while still all these years carrying 30 lbs I do not need. In the wilderness I excel, then back home I slide. I marvel at myself, am grateful for each day and envision attainment of my peak physical condition more often than I ever actually achieve it. I know how, I just haven’t yet manifested the daily action. And so, dear Anna your wesibte inspires me and I begin today. I wish you peace and joy and on all levels abundance. much love debby ladouceur

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