Who Wants A Gold Star?

A day in the life of an educator is never-ending.

Dare to drop by campus on the weekend and you’ll find a teacher or two grading papers, tutoring students, or getting ready for the next week of instruction.

A teacher never stops teaching.

Conversely, a student never stops learning.

Material has to be read, PowerPoint presentations have to be executed, and college entrance essays have to be written.

With that type of heavy intellectual lifting, how can scholars be expected to sweat the small stuff?

And So It Was Written doesn’t have any such expectation.

While you focus on making the grades and posting the grades, we’ll handle the small stuff.

For educators, we create interactive curriculum, lesson plans, and other supplemental materials that empower you in the classroom.

Students, although we will not write your papers for you, we offer valuable critique, revision, and the coaching needed to churn out a memorable essay.

Scholars, we can’t pretend to compete with your academic pursuits.  We can, however, provide you with the materials and feedback that make those pursuits a little less time consuming and sweat inducing.

Contact us.  Your gold star is here for the taking.

And So It Was Written. . .If You Can THINK It, We Can WRITE It!

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